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A solid network for your everyday life

Spark New Zealand Limited, or just Spark, is a New Zealand telecommunications company and provider of fixed-line telephone services, a mobile network, an internet access provider, and a major ICT provider to businesses and enterprises. It was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Auckland. It was formerly known as Telecom New Zealand, with its Maori name Kora Aotearoa. It’s one of the largest companies in the New Zealand Exchange market and it’s one of the 40 biggest telecommunications companies in the whole world according to OECD. All these achievements are only possible thanks to the giant positive feedback and returning customers all over the country.


Everything under one roof

Whether you are looking for amazing mobile plans for your kids or yourself, broadband plans, phones or just a solid provider that you can trust, Spark has everything you need to achieve your dreams in this world, whether you are an individual that wants to be sure he can rely on his provider or you are ahead of great business or enterprise that needs solid network and solution for your company. They have amazing competitive prices and a giant network of staff that keeps the network stable and ready even when others fail to uphold the quality of services they guaranteed. Spark takes outages very seriously and does everything it can to assure its customers that these will be as short as possible.  And if you decide to get your mobile plan at Spark, you can top up your plan with another excellent service from their offer.


Waiting is wasting

Whether you’re currently practicing a sport or you just chill at home, do not hesitate and get to My Spark account and buy a plan for wonderful rates as soon as possible! You can always use email login to have everything under one roof. Just enter this arena of telecommunications with the best one. You can always contact customer support and ask about their prepaid plans or you can visit them at one of their locations. Contact number and nearest store you will find on their official website

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