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We are here for you, anytime, anywhere!

Glassons with its official website is one of the most amazing new on-line fashion retailers there is, belonging to the Hallensteins Brothers, that focuses on environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing that it delivers to its customers for a fair price for both sides, the manufacturers and the customers. Glassons operates mostly on-line and as such has many online services that help customers pick their favourite dresses or bikini, focusing mainly on female customers.


Shopping at Glassons is easy and fast

You don’t need anything but a bank card with money on it and a few minutes to pick just the right outfit you want for any season of the year. They have a variety and a huge range of various products where you will find beautiful skirts,  jeans, pants, t-shirts and much more. Everything is of high quality and with a guarantee of a low price. Whether it's Merino or Invercargill. Whether you are in Wellington or Dunedin or anywhere else really, you get everything you buy in a moment, thanks to fast delivery.


Shop like in the 21st century!

You do not have to go anywhere and thanks to the very smart returns policy, you can try your favorite piece out and if by any chance you missed your size or something else was not according to your liking, you can just contact them online on their Help Centre page. And if by any chance you would still need help, you can just contact them directly. It’s also one of the perfect places to buy gift cards since you can just hand it out to your friends or family relatives and they will pick somethhing themselves. There are no hours where shopping would be wrong. You can always use up your promo code or any other and they have also amazing student discounts so be sure to bring your student ID. Of course, you can always visit one of their stores. And if you wondered about a career at Glassons, you just have to give them a call on web page and they will get to you as soon as possible.

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