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Great pizza for great value

Everybody knows Domino’s pizza, that’s for sure. It is a company with a long history, founded in 1960 by James Monaghan and company, they grew this pizza restaurant chain into world-wide proportions making it one of the big global food brands, where people all around the world enjoy amazing pizza and other dishes for excellent prices that will just get your heart racing every time you walk in to look at the menu.


Is Domino’s pizza the best? No question

Pizza has become popular during the last century. It comes from Italy and is one of the simplest dishes you can imagine. You just need the right dough, tomatoes, cheese, some meat and you got it. And a pair of skilled hands. You don’t need to be a genius. However, at Domino’s they made something more out of ordinary pizza. It tastes wonderful anywhere you decide to visit, it has the same proportions, the same quality as anywhere else and is a staple dish that many enjoy whether they have a party, dinner alone or they celebrate a special occasion. Domino’s have invaded almost every western and eastern home at least once and they made a lasting impact on the diet of its inhabitants. They top it off with special offers and specials, happy hours, and fast delivery that will bring you the food of your choice right away.


So why wouldn’t you choose amazing pizza?

You can not only order your food online from the online menu on their official website, but you can also visit one of their restaurants to enjoy a piece of relaxation and have some cold drinks. You can use your coupons and buy food during deals. You should watch out for their cheapies for those who don’t have much money right now since they are always amazing value for the price.  And as such it doesn’t matter if you are in Dunedin, Lower Hutt, Woolston,  Eastgate, Hamilton, or anywhere else. Domino’s is there for you.

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