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Tupperware catalogues
Tupperware catalogues
Tupperware catalogues

About Tupperware

Tupperware came to New Zealand in 1973, bringing its plastic storage containers and party sales method. Over the next 46 years it became very popular in the country, and now about 90% of New Zealand households have at least one Tupperware item.

Known for its plastic storage containers, Tupperware now has an extensive range of home & living products, including containers for storing, cooking, heating and serving food, as well as pots, pans, roasting dishes, spice containers, mixers, juicers, knives, cooking & dining utensils, lunch boxes, and drink bottles. Tupperware products are built to last for a long time, 100% BPA-free, and recyclable.

Visit the website at https://www.tupperware.com.au to look through a catalogue, inquire about lids and replacements, check for new products and specials, read about the use and care of Tupperware products, learn how to host a Tupperware party, purchase products directly from a consultant, or browse over 140 food and drink recipes.

Why people like to shop at Tupperware

  • Quality: Tupperware was a pioneer of plastic storage containers. Its products have stood the test of time, keep food fresh, and are now completely free of BPA and are recyclable.
  • Range: Thanks to its extensive range of products for every use of food, customers have plenty of choice with Tupperware.
  • Fun: Tupperware parties are a fun and social way to learn all about Tupperware products and new recipes with your friends. Party hosts get good discounts too.
  • Website: The Tupperware website makes it possible to see a brochure and catalogue online, learn about new recipes, and find out how to care for your Tupperware products.
  • Environment: Unlike single-use plastics, Tupperware products are made to be used over again for a very long time, working as a great replacement for cling film. Tupperware is committed to sustainability and its products are recyclable.
  • Community: When you hold a Tupperware party, Tupperware will donate 10% of the sales to a charity, church, club, or school of your choice.

Locations and trading hours

Tupperware does not operate any stores, but it does have consultants throughout the country—including in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and many places in between—who you can contact about buying and selling Tupperware products. Click here to find a consultant near you.