Thirsty Liquor catalogue - 01.11.2019 - 30.11.2019 - NO LONGER VALID

Thirsty Liquor catalogue

01.11.2019 - 30.11.2019 - NO LONGER VALID

Thirsty Liquor mailer  - 01.11.2019 - 30.11.2019. Page 1.

Scroll through this Thirsty Liquor catalogue valid from 01.11.2019 to 30.11.2019 to see the latest deals. On 1 pages of the current weekly mailer, you will find the best goods from the Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Thirsty Liquor, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 1. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Thirsty Liquor, don’t miss the latest weekly specials full of amazing prices and wonderful sales. Come back to My Catalogue every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

CHECK OUT OUR NOVEMBER BIG BANG DEALS!! THIRSTY LIQUOR VODK J BAN STICE Tu CRUISER Smirnoff DB Guarana 4pk 7% 250ml cans Tui Bourbon/Tui Vodka Soda 5% & 7% 12pk range Woodstock 330ml 7% 6pk cans (incl zero) Jim Beam Gold/CC 7% 250ml 12pk/DC 8pk all cans Smirnoff Pure 10pk bottles Cruiser bottles/KGB cans all 12pks $9.99 ea S13.99 ea $19.99 ea $22.99 ea $22.9 .99 ea $22.99 ea NEW PRODUCT 18 18! JIMDO ODSTOCK Double Jack 10pk 330ml cans EFFEN 0USTO SE $2.99 ea Cody's 7% cans/Woodstock 5% bottles all 18pks Woodstock 7% 18pk Effen Vodka 10pk bottle range Jim Beam/CC 18pk 330ml 4.8% cans cans $24.99 ea $29.99 ea $31.99 ea $34.99 ea COTT SCOTT PEPE OMARAS TEACHER'S Wolf Blass Yellow Label Range Lindayer Allan Scott Range (ex Classics PN), Deen De Borfoli Church Road Range PN Range Jagermeister/ Pepe Lopez (Gold/ Larios 1L/Teachers 1L Fickle Mistress Omaras Irish range Range (ex PN/Syrah) Silver) 700ml Cream Range $9.9 ea $11 99ea $13.9 ea vanov1L ex Central Otago Midori 700ml $14.99 ea $15.99 ea $32.99ea $33.99ea $34.99 ea $18.99 ea Ja4 IARIOS ROSE LARIOS BEAN Cannd GHATR JAMESON Maker's Mark BOURBON BAILEYS JB Double Oak 700ml/Larios Rose 1L / Chatelle 1L Jim Beam 1,125 1L Larios 12 1L/CC 8 yr & Makers Mark 700mls Chivas Extra Glenlivet Founders Reserve 700ml Jameson 1L Chivas 12 700ml Bombay Saphire/ S49.99 ea $38.99 ea Baileys Original 1 $43.99 ea Appletons 53.99 ea Tanqueray 1L Estate 1L $39.99 ea Jack Daniel 1L $46.99 ea $52.99 ea C52 $53.99 ea TUATARAPA Tui Tiger KINGFISHER Old Mout Cider 1.25L Tui/Export Gold/DB Draught 15pk bottles $23.99 ea Tuatara 6pk range Kingfisher 12pk bottles Tiger Crystal 12pk $8.9 ea $18.99 ea Somersby 10 pk cans $19.9 ea $21.99 ea $19.99 ea Corona Extra REIGHT IKATO 24 Hei Heineken 12pk bottles MIDA Mac's Cider and 12pk bottle range Carslberg 15pk bottles Lion Red/Speight/Waikato/Summit/low carb 24pk bottles Export 33 15pk bottles Corona 12pk bottles $24.99 ea $24.99 ea $24.99 ea $25.99 ea $28.99 ea $34.99 Specials only while stocks last. At participating stores. Available from 1st to 30th November 2019 Ask about Loyalty Card benefits & Gift Vouchers FO Drink Responsibly 100% OWNED & OPERATED IN NZ EXPORT IVANUV

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