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The Warehouse catalogues
The Warehouse catalogues
The Warehouse catalogues

About The Warehouse

The Warehouse was established in 1982. As a discount retailer selling a huge range of products at low prices in large simple shops, it was the first store of its type in New Zealand. Since opening its first store The Warehouse has rapidly expanded and increased the range and quality of its stock. Now it has more than 90 stores spread throughout New Zealand.

The Warehouse stocks a massive number of products, including clothing and jewellery, electronics, music and movies, sports and outdoor equipment, homeware & furniture, gardening supplies, books, toys, crafts, stationery, party goods, health and beauty products, items for pets, and seasonal items. It has a shoes catalogue featuring many different brands, and it also sells food.

Visit the website at to look at a catalogue, view the current mailer, check the specials this week, shop online, apply for a Warehouse Money Visa card, get a quote for Warehouse insurance, or find out about competitions.

Why people like to shop at The Warehouse

  • Value: The Warehouse has some of the best prices in New Zealand thanks to its low-cost distribution and purchasing power. In addition, it has a good specials catalogue and often runs a sale that offers customers excellent deals and specials, including the Boxing Day sale, as advertised in its mailer and brochure.
  • Range: The Warehouse has a very extensive range of products for all parts of the household, from major brands and its own brands, which many customers purchase via online shopping.
  • Community: The Warehouse contributes to many charity organisations and schools in New Zealand, and the Tindal Foundation—started by the founder of The Warehouse—has provided over $145 million to projects for the community and environment.
  • Responsibility: In addition to adopting an ethical sourcing policy, The Warehouse has attained carbon neutral certification.
  • Competitions: The Warehouse consistently runs a variety of competitions, giving away prizes ranging from international travel to valuable products.

Locations and trading hours

The Warehouse has a head office and 18 shops in Auckland, and about 70 other stores in total in most New Zealand towns and cities, including Nelson and Dunedin. Trading hours vary from store to store, so click here to find a store and check its trading hours.