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Gin production can take place in several ways. However, it is always necessary to use the right combination of herbal ingredients. Gin was also originally intended as a medicine.

While many alcoholic beverages can only be produced in one way, gin can be produced in three different ways. The first recalls the production of whiskey with its technological process. The production process takes place in a copper boiler, where the fermented grain is distilled. Then herbs and other ingredients are added. Gin can be distilled several times and new ingredients are added during each process. Gin made in this way usually matures in wooden barrels.

The second way is the distillation of neutral alcohol from grain, which results in pure alcohol.

  • It is distilled again together with herbs.
  • The plant components are in the upper part of the copper boiler and the alcohol fumes that pass through the basket with these herbs draw the taste and their aroma into each other.
  • Sugar can also be added to the gin produced in this way.
Super social moments Thal otenT when the house party becomes legendary GORDON GORDON'S JAMES BELL CTAHnAP KOHLUA LALIBD PycCKw VANI K DANE JIM BEA Super SCORE 1858 ROURBON MATCH MIX+ BUYANY TWO OR MORE are made with Super Liquor ABSOLUT FLAVOURS, JIM BEAM White Label, CANADIAN CLUB, JAMESON 700ml $34.99 each $33.99 each BELL'S, RUSSIAN STANDARD, GORDON'S I Litre $37.99 each KAHLÚA, KAHLÚA Salted Caramel, MALIBU 1 Litre $34.99 each GORDON'S PINK, JACK DANIEL'S OLD No.7, FIRE, HONEY 700ml $37.99 each BACARDI Oakheart I Litre Also available: Corta Blonca, Corto De Oro CAPTAIN MORGAN Single bottle prices vary I Litre Includes Dark, Splcod CHATELLE I Litre CARD $39 9 $41.99 $37 99 Tha Moment when the good weather and weekend collide THE JIM BEAM White JIM BEAN LObel 1.75 Litre APPLETON NLIVET O'S ESTATE CHIVAS REGAL Extra Founder's Reserve Handmade Vodka Tito's Signature Blend TANQUERAY 1 Litre 1.75 Litre 700ml 700ml 700ml $47 9 $67 99 $109 99 $42 99 $54 99 $54 99 under $10 WOLF BLASS YELLOW LABEL Pinot Noir BROWN SELAKS BAY AND BARNES BROTHERS or TAYLOR'S THE TASTE COLLECTION MUD HOUSE Range TAYLOR'S TAYLOESTATE Range 750m CANTI Prosecco Sparkling Rosé BLOCK YEALANDS LINDAUER ESTATE 750ml Also ovailable Cuvée Range Ww750ml Range Range Shiraz, Merlot Cabernet Sauvingon 750ml 750ml 750ml 750ml 750ml 750ml BLOCK $14 98 $14 99 $12.99 $12 99 $17.99 $14 99 $10.99 $16.99 $9 99 each per SCORE MIX+MATCH PEPPER JACK Shiraz CHURCH $14 99 CHURCH ROAD Syrah SELAKS PIPER LINDAUER Brut Vintage ROAD DANIEL LE BRUN 750m THE TASTE COLLECTION 750ml LANSON BRUT NV 750m HEIDIECK NV THE NED Range Range aie Bottle 750ml Also ovailable: Cabemet Souvignon 750ml Aiso avoiloble: Hose 750ml Excludes Syrah 750ml 750ml 750ml ed $49 99 Excludes Chardonnoy Pinot Noir $24 99 $4 99 $15 99 $1.9 99 $17.99 $16.99 $17.99 CODY'S & COLA VODKA CRUISER Sugar Free Tropical or Raspberry VODKA CRUISER GORDON'S STIL VODKA Lime 8 Soda PINK GIN & Soda CRUINER Range SCRUMPY Range THOMAS TREE Suaar FREE 12 x 275ml Bottles, 5 % 12 x 250ml Cans, 7 % 12x 250ml Cons, 7% 4x 330ml Bottles, 4% Jncludes Original GST 4 x 250ml Bottiles, 7 12 x 250ml Cons, 7% & ROSE GORDON 500ml Single 1.25 Litre $21 $1.9 99 99 $21.99 12x 250ml Cans, 7% FREE Ceesi $3.99 $9 99 $13.99 $21.99 each Super CORUBA & COLA HOT DEAL! CORUBA 10 x 330ml Bottles, 5 % $199 EFFEN VODKA Range 10x 330ml Bottles, 4.8% CANADIAN WOODSTOCK $25 99 ISSAC'S Classic Apple or Crispy Low Sugar Apple CLUB & DRY & COLA IM BEAM or JIM BEAM DIESEL Bourbon & Cola 18 x 250ml Cans, 7 % 12 x 330ml Bottles, 5% WILD TURKEY brad NEW WHITE & COLA 1018 COLA 12 x 330ml Bottles 12x 250ml Cans, 7% $24 10 x 330m/ Cans, 4.8 % 18QIESEL U 10 x 330ml Cans, 7% CIDER $27.99 99 Also Avoilable: each Canadion Club Zero & Dry Jim Beam Zero 8 Colo 99 Also Available: $29.99 $26 99 each Woodstock 8 Zero Colo wr SCORE MIX MATCH BUY ANY TWO OR MORE ander $20 STEINLAGER TOKYO DRY LION ICE Strinlager CRAFTOLOGY MID ALE SPEIGHT'S MID ALE or BECK'S HAAGEN ICE ICE 15 x 330ml Bottles HAÄGEN 15 x 330ml Bottles 12 x 330ml Bottles $7.99 each $21.99 12 x 330ml Bottles $22.99 $22 .99 BRB CRAFT BRB $1.9.99 $13.99 BECKS Range REIGHTS MACS 6x 330mi Cans STEINLAGER PURE STELLA ARTOIS 12 x 330mi Bot!ties Also avallable: Stoile Ldgere BRB SPEIGHT'S GMA, LION RED or WAIKATO DRAUGHT 15 x 330ml Bottles 13 99 STELLA ARTOIS 27 99 MACS Range LION TUATARA Range $24 99 SMeinla RED 6x 330mi Boties 6x 330ml Botfles DBDRAUGHT 15 x 330ml Boffles $19 99 CASSEL CO $24 99 DB DRAUGHT, DB EXPORT LUCKY 6 Range STEINLAGER ORAUGH 6x 328ml Battles icluoes Lucky Americon Pale Ale Milk Siout, Pole Ale, Dry Hopped Pisner, ry Red IPA LITTLE GOLD, or TUI CLASSIC Tui CREATURES Pale Ale or Pilsner Stainbager $3199 HEINEKEN 15 x 330ml Bottles 24 x 330ml Bottles 18 x 330mi Botties CASSELS $35 99 $29 99 each 6x 330ml Bottles $19.99 Heine $1.9.99 Corona Extra SPEIGHT'S SUMMIT ULTRA LOW CARB LAGER, LION RED,SPEIGHT'S SUMMIT, WAIKATO DRAUGHT or SPEIGHT'S GMA 24 x 330ml Botties each arlsberg LION 75% PANHEAD Range MOA Range RED ultra 12 x 330ml Botties includes Stotion 1PA Dry Hopped Pilsner Onginol Lager Session PA. Big Sky APA 8x330ml Bortles Includes Super Chorger APA, Port Road Plsner Quickchange XPA, Blacktop Oat Stout IGK SPE SUMMIT CARLSBERG CORONA EXTRA AKATO24 24 REIGHT 24 x 330ml Botties 18 x 355ml Bottles ORAUGH $21 99 $27 99 $39 99 $41.99 $34 99 Offers end close of trade 4th November 2019, while stocks last. Varietals may vary by store. Availoble ot participating stores only. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Who lesa le (other liquor retail banners) not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 4th -17th November 2019 inclusive. Please see for detcils. GIFT CARDS now instore Super Sorted WINNER iquer bulet BEER RTDS & CIDER WINE & BUBBLES SPIRITS SCRUMPY CIDER BOTTLE PACK 08 EXPORT

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