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Super Liquor Cheers to Summer You bring the fun. We'll bring the Super Deals! ****** CAFE KAHI THE ORIC 13 13 VERACH 1936 1 Col LIQUE CA ANDRESTED TABLISHED Beers ESTR BEATRE CARE le mie ECARE Arthur Bell BELL BLENDED SCOTCH WHISH ORIGINAL Super HOT DEAL! 2 for $85 Strinlager 18: SPEIGHT SUMMIT ultra low carb lager Single bottle $44.99 SEAGERS DISTILLED DRY GIN- 99 $21.⁹9 Steinlar SPEIGHT'S SUMMIT ULTRA LOW CARB LAGER Bottles/Cans 24 x 330ml QUALITE&TRADIT STEINLAGER ULTRA LOW CARB Bottles 12 x 330ml KAHLÚA, BELL'S ORIGINAL, SEAGERS Gin, IVANOV Vodka or MALIBU 1 Litre Includes Kahlúa Salted Caramel, Seagers Lime Twisted Gin Super HOT DEAL! $39.99 GA IVANOV VODKA Steinlager PURE MALIB Steinl Super HOT DEAL! $24.9 each STELLA ARTOIS LIBU TH CARIBBEAN RUM OCONUT FLAVOUR -ORIGINAL- r PURE ARTOIS STEINLAGER PURE or STELLA ARTOIS Bottles 12 x 330ml Super HOT DEAL! $39.⁹⁹ 18 PACK 7% CANS sim CODY'S Wine CODY'S & COLA 7% Cans 18 x 250ml FOUND JACK DAN Old No. 2 for $30 Single bottle $16.99 19Crimes Old No.7 Tennesse SOUR MASH WHISKE DISTILLED & BOTTLED JACK DANIEL DISTILI LYNCHBURG, TAN. 40% ALCBY VOL (PR MONTANA CLASSIC & AFFINITY or JACOB'S CREEK CLASSIC & MOSCATO 750ml Super Super HOT DEAL! HOT DEAL! $54.99 $69.⁹9 BOMBAY Destled Super HOT DEAL! MONTANA Jägermeister BOMBAY SAPPHIRE 1 Litre JACK DANIEL'S, JÄGERMEISTER 1 Litre REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF SQUEALING PIG or 19 CRIMES 750ml Exclusions apply Mast- Jägermeister AG WOLFENBÜTTEL 2 for $22 1,01 100d Sett 1878 35% vol HERB LIQUEUR Single bottle $11.99 99 each JACOBS CREEK SHOP LATEST DEALS at WWW.SUPERLIQUOR.CO.NZ NATIONWIDE DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE Exclusions may apply on some brands advertised. Offers available 22nd January - 11th February 2024. 185+ STORES NATIONWIDE, 100% LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED BELVEDERE 700ml MELL JACK DANIEL'S ENTLEMAN JACK MELLOWED TENNESSEE WHISKEY Jack Daniel BELVEDERE Vodka DASHWOOD, POL RÉMY Brut or Rosé 750ml JACK DANTAS COTTLED BY 70d LYNCHBURG IN USA GENTLEMAN JACK 700ml 2 for $25 Single bottle $13.99 2 for $40 Single bottle $21.99 POL REMY LAST SHEPHERD 750ml O Super Liquor Cheers to Summer

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