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Stihl mailer - 02.07.2019 - 31.12.2019 - Sales products - chain saw, saw, lubricant, Optimum. Page 265.
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STIHL M-Tronic (M) 3 Cutting Attachments Fully electronic engine management regulates the ignition timing and fuel metering in all STIHL M-Tronic Saw Chains operating conditions, taking into account external conditions such as temperature altitude and fuel quality. It consistently ensures optimum engine performance, constant maximum spe performance. No manual carburettor adjustment is necessary with M-Tronic. For a cold start STIHL M-Tronic only needs one start position on the combi-lever. After starting, you can immediately pow er up to full Hardened Rivets Every rivet in a STIHL saw chain is induction- hardened, altering the structure of the metal and very good acceleration lattice. The rivets therefore become harder and more resistant to wear. Smooth Joint Borings speed. The amount of fuel required is precisely calculated by the system and supplied as needed. Otherwise you start as usual in position I. M-Tronic also remembers the settings from the last A special stamping technique is used to provide STIHL joint borings with amirror-smooth finish. This improves the running properties of the chain and increases service life time the tool w as used. So when external conditions are the same, full engine performance is at your disposal immediately after you restart Hard Chrome Coating All STIHL chainsaw teeth are made of special steel. A chrome coating is galvanised onto the Stop Button Function After the machine is turned off, the control lever immediately moves back into the cutter top plates for high resistance against wear. This means the teeth stay sharp for operating position. This allows a warm machine to be restarted immediately. longer. I Stretching The final production step for every STIHL saw chain involves exposure to a high and constant tensile load. Transparent Fuel Tank Allows the user to quickly and easily check the fuel level without having to open the fuel tank This "stretching", when used the first time, reduces to an absolute minimum any subsequent elongation of the chain, increases its durability and minimises wear and tear. Tool-free Fuel Caps Special caps allow you to open and close the tank caps quickly, STIHL Oilomatic Lubrication System easily and without tools. Oilomatic Narrow oil channels in the saw chain links funnel the chain lubricant directly into the rivets. Recesses in which chain lubricant can collect are stamped into both ends of the drive Electric Chainsaws Overload Protection links. This allows better distribution of the oil over the sliding surfaces of the guide bars and improves lubrication by 10% as compared to tools without recesses on both ends. In case of overload, the electric motor switches off automatically to protect against damage from overheating. On the M SE 141 to MSE 210 tools, an overload button is Guide Bars activated. If the knob is pressed after a short period of waiting, the machine can be restarted. The MSE 230 and MSE 250 have electronic monitoring for the engine temperature. If this temperature is too high, a red LED lights up, indicating the corresponding status. After approximately one minute, the engine has cooled again and the LED goes out. The Replaceable Bar Nose Should the bar nose wear out, it can be easily replaced entirely including the roller bearings (on Rollomatic ES and Rollomatic ES Light guide bars). chainsaw can be restarted. Lightweight Guide Bar The STIHL lightweight guide bars E Light and STIHL ES Light differ in their construction. The E Light guide bars are made of electrically welded steel plates, extensively hollowed out and filled with fibreglass-reinforced polyamide. This makes the bars particularly light. With ES Light bars, the spaces are cut out and then welded using a special laser process. This produces an extremely stable hollow body with a rigid outer structure and substructure. Both designs offer welcome savings in weight and improved chainsaw balance. Your chainsaw's centre of gravity shifts towards your body, noticeably reducing the load on your spine. STIHL 265

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