NZ Safety Blackwoods stores and opening hours

NZ Safety Blackwoods stores and opening hours

Here you can find all the information we have about NZ Safety Blackwoods, including the NZ Safety Blackwoods locations with stores, and the most common opening hours for NZ Safety Blackwoods. Here at My Catalogue, you can get all the information you need, such as store locations and store opening hours for your favorite retailers, including NZ Safety Blackwoods.

NZ Safety Blackwoods catalogues
NZ Safety Blackwoods catalogues
NZ Safety Blackwoods catalogues

About NZ Safety Blackwoods

NZ Safety Blackwoods has 31 stores around New Zealand that specialize in industrial safety products and services. It sells an extensive range of equipment, engineering supplies, uniforms, and packaging, and it provides a range of related specialist services, utilizing 60 years of experience. It also stocks its own products under its several different own brands.

In addition to stocking safety equipment, workwear, engineering supplies, packaging and hygiene products, and power tools, NZ Safety Blackwoods provides NZ Qualifications Authority accredited Worksafe training and customized training courses using its own classrooms and purpose-built facilities.

Visit the NZ Safety Blackwoods website at to see the latest catalogue, purchase clearance goods and other products online, and find out about the specialist services and training that NZ Safety Blackwoods provides.

Why people like to shop at

  • Confidence: Tradespeople and employees of all types can work with confidence using the products that NZ Safety Blackwoods sells.
  • Expertise: NZ Safety Blackwoods has more than 60 years’ experience in the safety equipment industry and can provide a solution to any safety requirement.
  • Training: NZ Safety Blackwoods provides a wide range of training programs to help customers gain NZQA qualifications and learn how to work safely and efficiently on any project.
  • Services: NZ Safety Blackwoods provides various specialist services, including detection equipment calibration, hose testing, help with inventory management, power transmission, industrial gas supply and testing, customized packaging and signage, and even uniform design, manufacture, and distribution.
  • Online shopping: Customers can buy products from NZ Safety Blackwoods’s unique catalogue easily with online shopping. You can also take advantage of sale items available in the Clearance section of its website.

Locations and trading hours

NZ Safety Blackwoods has 31 stores in New Zealand. In addition to a support office and 7 stores in Auckland, it has stores in Hamilton, Tauranga, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Wellington, Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin, and several other locations. Trading hours vary among stores, so click here to find a nearby store and check its trading hours.