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Choosing the best speaker today is not easy at all, because there are a huge number of options. How to know the menu and choose the right one?

Music can accompany you on the road, at home at work and during a big celebration. But you can also listen to your favourite podcasts. In any case, you need quality speakers, because otherwise you will not enjoy it to the fullest. Small and light models or Bluetooth speakers are best for traveling. You will often find a carabiner with them, thanks to which it is very easy to attach it to a backpack and take it on a trip. Larger models or the whole set are ideal for home. Larger products usually have better sound, but you always must choose according to the parameters. If you could pay extra for quality, do it. You will recognize this on the sound within a few seconds after the device is switched on for the first time. Large boxes or sets are ideal for parties, which have a perfect sound, but also a high purchase price. It just depends on what purposes you need them for and how much you can invest.


Modern televisions are no longer just a transmission medium but have a number of interesting functions. You can even communicate with the world through television.

We buy most electric receivers for the household for a longer period. This includes not only appliances that have only a practical function (such as a refrigerator), but also those that are intended to provide us with fun and distraction after a hard day's work.

  • One of the most used electrical appliances for entertainment is television.
  • And for a long time.

When choosing a suitable TV, it is good to see everything from a future point of view. Which means that even after a few years, we will demand that television meet our expectations. At present, modern televisions are not merely an intermediary for television broadcasting but have a number of other functions. They become a multimedia centre.

We can watch online movie premieres, enjoy the HbbTV function or communicate with the world.

SPECIALTY ICS & MICROCONTROLLERS SPECIALTY ICS SPECIAL FUNCTION ICS - THROUGH HOLE Special Function MCP3008 8 Channel 10 Bit ADC DIP 16 • Major brands only Type Pins 1488 1489 27C256 24LC16B 24LC256 ADC0804 DAC0800LCN L6202 MAX 232 MC34063 UA494/TL494 14 14 28 8 8 20 16 18 16 8 16 ULN2003N 16 XR2206 16 Description Quad line driver RS-232 Quad line receiver RS-232 256k (32k x 8) EPROM 16k I2C serial EEPROM 256k I2C serial EEPROM 8 bit A to D converter 8 bit D to A converter Full bridge driver 1.5A 48V Dual RS232 driver receiver DC to DC converter Switchmode power contoller 7 Darlington array (5V TTL, CMOS) Monolithic function generator Cat. Qty 1+ Qty 10+ Qty 25+ ZZ8148 ZZ8149 ZZ8471 ZZ8480 ZZ8485 ZK8862 ZK8864 ZK8874 ZK8824 ZK8837 ZK8850 $4.60 $4.60 $18.90 $4.60 $7.40 $22.90 $11.90 $18.90 $8.60 $9.90 $8.60 $4.15 $4.15 $17.00 $4.15 $6.65 $20.90 $10.90 $17.00 $7.75 $8.90 $7.75 $3.20 $3.20 $13.20 $3.20 $5.20 $15.90 $7.90 $13.20 $6.00 $6.95 $6.00 ZK8855 $5.90 $5.30 $4.15 ZK8830 $24.90 $22.40 $17.40 ISD1820 Record and Playback IC (DIP 14) This is the same IC as the XC4605 Record and Playback module. Simple digital control of recording and playback of audio samples, including the ability to drive an 8Ω speaker directly. • Compact 14 pin DIP package • Drive 8Ω speaker directly • Loop select option • Sample rate adjustable ISD1820 Record and Playback IC Cat. ZZ8202 Qty 1+ $6.90 Qty 10+ $6.20 ZK8884 Qty 1+ $5.60 L293D ZK8880 $5.60 Qty 10+ $4.90 Qty 25+ $3.30 Qty 10+ $5.00 Qty 25+ $3.90 L9110 Bridge Driver IC DIP 8 L9110 Bridge Driver IC DIP 8 A194 ZK8882 Qty 1+ $4.50 jaycar.co.nz Qty 1+ $19.90 Qty 10+ $17.90 Qty 25+ $13.90 TDA1905 5W Amplifier IC with Mute Cat. TDA1905 ZL3600 Qty 1+ $9.50 Qty 10+ $8.50 Qty 25+ $6.50 MAX7219 LED Matrix Driver IC The MAX7219 is an all-in-one LED Matrix driver suitable for controlling an 8x8 LED Matrix or even eight 7 segment displays (BCD decoding can be done on the chip too). This is the same IC that is on XC4499 and XC3714. •S  PI interface (3 IO pins) •C  an be daisy chained for larger displays • Adjustable brightness •2  4 Pin DIP package Requires only one external component (resistor for LED current setting) Cat. ZK8825 Qty 1+ $5.60 Qty 10+ $5.00 Qty 25+ $3.90 SMD IC BK1198 Radio Receiver A compact 8 pin DIP package which can control a small motor from a microcontroller. • Handles up to 2.5V-12V, 800mA continuous • Interface to TTL level inputs down to 2.7V • Suitable for reversible control on one DC motor • Easy for prototyping on breadboards Cat. ZK8868 We've come a long way from cat's whiskers and triode valves to digital tuning. The ZK8829 is a digital radio IC that can pick up AM, FM and shortwave, and can be controlled by a potentiometer or resistor string. It's the same IC as in our Cardboard Radio Kit. Comes in 16 pin SOIC package, PI6530 SMDDIP adapter is recommended for prototyping. The L293D quad half H-bridge motor driver is capable of providing four high power outputs, ideal for driving a stepper motor, or two DC motors. Suitable for 3.3V or 5V logic. • 16pin DIP IC • 600mA current drive per channel • 36V maximum supply voltage • 5kHz maximum PWM frequency Qty 1+ Cat. Monolithic integrated circuit in POWERDIP package, intended for use as low frequency power amplifier in a wide range of applications in radio and TV sets: •M  uting facility •H  igh supply voltage rejection • Voltage range 4V to 30V •P  rotection against chip over temperature •P  ower dissipation of up to 6W and a thermal resistance of 15ºC/W (junction to pins) • Very low noise • Low switch-on noise • Full data on website MAX7219 LED Matrix Driver IC L293D QUAD HALF Bridge Motor Driver IC Cat. MCP3008 8 Channel 10 Bit ADC Qty 25+ 74LVC245 DIP 8 Channel Bus Transceiver DIP 20 Cat. The MCP3008 is an 8 channel 10 bit ADC (analogto-digital converter) suitable for use with a microcontroller or single board computer. Great for adding analog inputs to chips that lack it. •S  PI interface •U  p to 200 ksps at 5V supply •S  uits Raspberry Pi $4.80 Although the full name of the ZK8884 is a 74LVC245 Octal Bus Transceiver, it also makes a great eight channel 3.3V-5V level converter. The inputs are 5V tolerant and the outputs are all 3.3V compatible. • Eight Channels • Direction control pin • Output enable pin • 20 pin DIP package suits breadboarding 74LVC245 HARDCORE ELECTRONICS Qty 10+ $4.00 Specifications FM Band AM Band Shortwave Band Supply Voltage ZK8829 60 - 112MHz 504 - 1750kHz 2.2 - 22MHz 1.6V - 3.6V Type SMD IC BK1198 Radio Receiver Cat. ZK8829 Qty 1+ $8.90 Qty 10+ $8.00 Qty 25+ $6.20 8Bit 257 Step Digital Pot - MCP4151-103E/P 8Bit (257 step) digital pots are useful in applications that require precision control. They can be used for example in the feedback network of an op amp to provide precise variable gain control, or filters to allow accurate adjustment of the filter properties. Type MCP4151-103E/P Cat. ZK8879 Qty 1+ $7.90 Qty 10+ Qty 25+ $7.10 $5.50 Are you in the trade? Qty 25+ $3.10 For professionals engaged in electronics & construction-related industries. Freecall order hotline: 0800 452 922

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