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Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - page 38 - NO LONGER VALID

Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - page 38 - NO LONGER VALID

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Hunting & Fishing mailer - Sales products - reel, jig, savage. Page 38.
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SOFT BAITS IN FRESHW FISH WISE By Simon McMillan Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, Tower Junction Store) Christchurch t's been some years since the soft baiting craze hi New Zealand. What began as predominately a saltwater technique slowly crept into the freshwater scene but, unlike the many fads that come and go in trout fishing, using soft baits is here to stay, firmly established by being highly effective in most freshwater situations. The start of the season is a good time to go through the ture box and ensure the arsenal is topped up and ready. Now's the time to replace any favourites lost last year, and to consider what's new or what might be more effective on the water you are likely to be fishing in the months ahead. I've enjoyed a lot of success using soft baits and here's my take on some useful prep so that the spin fishing kit is ready to take on the challenge as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Whether it's targeting lakes, rivers, streams, canals or chasing kahawa around river mouths, soft baits are a deadly method of catching fish because of their extremely lifelike appearance and fish attracting actions. I use soft baits mostly for trout, but have used them for salmon and have The key to success is all about Whethe it's argeting lakes,.ivers,streams.canals or chasing kahswselecting the right baitand 1 presenting it in the correct manner aug flounder on them. or shad bait is ideal because when you don't have the assistance of current What I like most about fishing soft baits is that so much of it is about feel The to help with the action, these designs impart "life with the slightest of takes can be very aggressive, but at other times extremely gentle. You gettomovement. If fishing currents, a minnow orV-tail is great as they really take use light lines, smaller reels and very light,sensitive rods. Thekey to successon the action of a fast swimming little fish trying desperately to get away is all about selecting the right bait and presenting it in the correct manner from whatever is chasing it. If you know what the trout are ikely to be eating, such as whitebait or bullies, then matchithe prey with the ture. However, sometimes bright colours or enticing actions will trigger an aggressive response,particularly with rainbows. On the tackle wall look for the Berkley 3"Gulpas the staple range but consider their PowerBait, along with brands baiting a go is,"do not retrieve it'.By that I mean,don't treat itlike a standard such as Savage Gear, Japanese-made Duo V-Tail Shad, Dregon and Clear Drift The Technique The nature of soft baits is exactly that, "soft". They move when fished correctly, mimic bait fish or, more important ded bait fish! One of the best pieces of advice I have for nting to give lure and cast it out and wind it straight back in. Doing that is the le effective way to fish a soft bait-it needs to bet Worms as they have proven deadly and are growing in popularity Selecting the rightjig head is also an important factor.Having the ideal line retrieved. Let the rod and braided line do the work for you, rather thanweight and shape allows you to get the bestaction out of the bait and tailor the reel. Our role as the angler is to impart the action in the soft bait with the aset-up for the variety of conditions you are going to encounter,depending on such factors as river size, its current flow rate, wind strength and direction and water depth.Jig head size and weight will therefore determine the balance between casting distance, depth and action,meaning you're best to This is important, because you can only make the correct bait choice on the carry a selection of different weight heads, as this is the key to success Luckily soft baits and jig heads are relatively inexpensive so you can back in and slack twitch. Selecting the Bait and Jig Head river if you have covered your bases back in the tackle store. Soft baits have varying shapes and sizes which enable the angler to select the perfect baitafford to cover the options and try something new. for the different scenarios and conditions likely to be encountered. The Soft baiting is not new, but it is ever developing,and, whilst being a little range of soft baits is massive, and forever growing. Smaller baits work bestmore technical than lobbing a toby around, it is an enjoyable and extremely ifthe preyyour target species is chasing is small orifthe waterwayıs very effective fishingtechnique. For more information and advice please stop by r situations, a paddle-tail any Hunting&Fishing New Zealand store and talk to the team in the know! clear or had a lot of angler pressure. For still-water paddle-tail 38 Trading Terms& Finance Options-see page 247

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