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Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - page 24 - NO LONGER VALID

Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - page 24 - NO LONGER VALID

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Hunting & Fishing mailer - Sales products - reel, jig, Monster, rubber. Page 24.
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SOFT BAITING FOR TROUT FISH WISE By Mike Davis Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, Rotorua or many of us, myself included, our first taste of freshwater fishing was when we were kids armed with a spinning rod and reel, casting lures out into rivers and lakes,speed from fast to slow, employ a eagerly anticipating a bite. By using spinning gear we could cover more water and the depth at which you retrieve your lure through. subtle twitch into the action of the lure and change ultimately cover more fish. We got fewer tangles spin fishing and could cast further than we could with a fly rod. As we grow older, we progress and seek new challenges in our fishing techniques and preferences. Many fresh water anglers end up fly fishing exclusively and sadly never venture near the spinning rod again. Unfortunately, for many years the flythey're down in the thermocline, I willjig for them. hing purists have almost looked down on the spin fisherman as a less skilled angler, but in recent times those attitudes have been changing, and in are in for a shock. The good rods are ultra-light, yet powerful The reels stick particular with the popularity of soft baiting for trout. For example, the past five years or so have seen a major increase in people targeting the massive canal trout of the McKenzie country with soft season. If you fish a wide range of environments for trout that include baits, with huge success. By swapping out the traditional hard metleslakes, spillways, deep lakes and larger rivers, make sure that you give soft for more lifelike plastic and rubber baits, by using a variety of differently weighted jig heads, these monster trout that grow to 40lb have been caught will help you to become a very versatile angler who can turn his or her hand more regularly. The North Islanders have been a little slower on the uptake with soft baiting in freshwater, which is surprising, especially when so many of them target snapper in the ocean this way. However, over the past little while, a few of my mates have been using soft baits more regularly on the different Rotorua lakes and have been enjoying success. The more that we have embraced soft baiting in different freshwater situations, the more skilful we have found that we have become when fishing a variety of environments. Most of all, we have found that different water lends itself better to Essentially, the same principles are used as you do when you fly fish. I have been amazed at just how much I have enjoyed soft baiting in the fresh water. Now, depending on where l am fishing, but especially on the lakes in the earty morning when the fish are up in the shallows, I will fly fish. Then, as the fish drop back, Iwill soft bait for them, and then, when ng fis If you haven't picked up a modern spinning combo in recent years, you with smooth drags, and as for the line-braid is a revolution in itself How about challenging yourself to diversifying your approach this baiting a go-l am sure you will find it thoroughly rewarding. Most of all it to all situations. LOWRANCE ON THE FLX arying forms or techniques of fishing. In other words, some of the angling challenges that make fly fishing the great sport it is now have similar challenges for the spin fisherman, particularly when using soft baits. In the shallows, whether it is on a lake or small river, fly fishing is king but as the body of water gets bigger and or deeper, soft baiting comes into its own. Often when fish are down deep they clearly see the large silhouette of the soft bait and literally rise up to attack them. With soft baits the angler can cover much more water, which ultimately means more fish are covered when in the right zone. Wind also becomes less of a limiting factor. To cast a spinning rod wel takes as much skill as casting a fly rod ever did. Having the ability to cast in and under trees and around weed banks is so important. It isn'tjust a matter of cast out into the open and hope for the best. Remember, fish are going to always favour the best lies or spots where the food IS Remember, fish are going to always favour the best lies or spots where the food is. Much the same as fly fishing, vary your retrieval rates. Change Mike Davis 24

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