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Cell phone

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DEER HIT LIST STONEY CREEH TUNDRA COAT CLINT SKEDGWELL-WANGANUI STORE Whether you're a hunter, farmer, fencer or just the sort of rooster who thrashes your rain wear and expects 100 per cent performance every time you pull it on, then the Tundra rainwear is worth a sniff. Tundra gear is made from a heavy duty three-layer fabric. The outer is a 500 denier Oxford Nylon which is breathable, then a 40 denier polyester mesh. The outer layer is coated in Teflor DWR which repels water, mud and blood. The inner mesh lining is treated with Ciba Antimicrobial to help prevent the garment from smelling due to sweating and perspiration. The key features of the Tundra jacket are the YKK zips which are tough performers. The three external pockets make it user-friendly for maps, GPS, cell phones, Epirbs, etcetera (as well as one internal pocket). Velcro sleeves are brilliant to stop water penetrating and sleeves riding up. But to me, the fit of the garment and the cut of the hood on the Tundra are a standout The hood has a peak which keeps rain off the face while stalking or working. Although not the lightest jacket on the market, it would have to be one of the most robust and durable all-round garments I've used mine on a few trips now and in the field it performs how it should. As with any coat, keep- ing it clean with a liquid sports wash or similar will extend the life considerably. The Tundra is definitely a piece of gear that I don't leave lying about for my mates to flog Stoney Creek also do Tundra overtrousers from the same material which are as tough as the jacket GO TO PAGE ONLY $449.99 233 STONEY CREEH MEAT SAFE ANDY TANNOCK Back country blowflies are something of a mystery. What the hell do they eat if there hasn't been a recent deer knocked over in their neck of the woods? (Well there is one other event they seem to find interesting but you can soon cover this up with a wad of moss or a rotten log.). A rifle shot must be like a dinner gong going off and their version of social media kicks in because by the time you get to your animal they are already lining up on it, knives and forks at the ready. Once the carcass is opened up, bacterial contamination from flies is a real risk so there's a race to get it cooling and, of course, to eliminate the risk of blowing, Back in the day we carried muslin, but had to also carry fly-spray to deal to the eggs that accumulated as the mustin bag formed a snug fit, and any blood or meat touch points got blown. The Stoney Creek Meat Safe solves these problems and provides a well thought-out system which allows the hunter to safely store and age his or her venison in the field before breaking it down for the trip out. With an internal height of over 2m and manufactured from a tough material that holds its shape, there is ample space to hang more than one deer. A circular multi-section alloy frame that you fit into the top of the bag also gives the bag shape which, with the pegging loops at the base, enables you to minimise the risk of the mesh coming into contact with the animal. Other features include a hanging loop (just string a nylon cord over a handy shady branch), a rainproof roof", YKK twin-zip entry, and it all packs down into a handy drawstring bag which at 400 grams all up you won't think twice about packing in. Care is as simple as hand washing in warm water with mild soap when you get home, but one word of warning. Don't leave it on the ground where your dog can get at it after use; they love to chew that $129.99 venison-flavored treat you've obviously left for them and you may soon have some holes to sew up! GO TO PAGE ONLY 129.99 151 50

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