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MUZZLE BRAHES VERSUS SUPPRESSORS By Nick Harrison Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, Christchurch s the approach to hunting is forever changing in New Zealand, so is the concept of modern day rifles with dial-up scopes and long-range shooting. Bigger calibres are being used to increase the distance at which game is shot in our country. One curse of these large calibres is the increase in recoil, which can leave the shooter in fear of his or her rifle. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide which will Muzzle Brakes-Cons Noise:LOUD!!! A muzzle break slightly increases the noise of a shot. Asa result, it's highly recommended that the shooter wear ear protection. Muzzle blast: Kicks the dust up. If you have ever hunted in snow or verydry conditions, you will know what Imean. Rifles don't have to be large magnums to warrant these add-ons Suppressors are used on everything nowadays, and are very useful for younger shooters right up to seasoned pros. If you've ever hunted with a dog, their ears will also appreciate it. Bush pigs (short barrelled suppressed rifles) have become very popular for their short, lightweight portability,and, if hunting inside realistic ranges they are an ideal choice. Where muzzle brakes really come into their own is on target or longer range rifles, where decreased recoil is the main concern, and a light recoiling rifle won't really benefit from the recoil reduction versus be best for you Noise Reduction: Even though this is a very simple concept, it really helps you shoot.Also, if you happen to have a little trouble with your first shot, the game may still be standing there for a second shot. Decreased recoil: This helps the shooter not to flinch and enables them to fire a larger calibre. Increased overall length: This makes the gun harder to carry and more likely to catch on surrounding objects. This can be avoided by the shortening of the barrel, depending on what cartridge you're using, as most calibres with the word "magnum generally have a longer length for a reason. There has been more than one disappointed customer who has shortened a larger calibre with poor chronograph results Weight: Even though this is only minor, on long trips every gram counts. I've had some hunts where I feel like I made the wrong decision, Iwas on a mid-winter tahr hunt in heavy snow and was trying to secure a bull tahr for a friend of mine. We stalked in on the animal and approached a spot to shoot. After the first shot, the muzzle brake flared the snow right into the objective bell of my scope, covering the lens so that there was no chance of a follow-up shot Thankfully, we were on target and the bull fell, but if we had missed, we wouldn't have got a second chance To sum it up simply, if it's your everyday rifle for everything, and a standard calibre, Iwould lean on the suppressor side. If it's a long-range trophy gun where shots are limited and weight is a major concern, a muzzle brake might be the thing for you. Muzzle Brakes-Pros Very little increase in barrel length: This makes the rifle more portable and helps keep the weight down. Decreased recoil Muzzle brakes decrease recoi on a much higher level than a suppressor. Decreased muzzle jump: Helps the shooter stay on target and spot his or her own hits CHEC H OUT PAGE 82 FOR THE BEST SELLING TIHHA T3X SUPPRESSED COMBO If as

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