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BUCK HIT LIST MOJO FLOCH A FLICHERS HUNTER MORROW Movement and realism are forever evolving in the world of waterfowling and bringing more attention to your spread is something everyone looks for. This year, new to Hunting& Fishing New Zealand stores, are the six-packs of Mojo Flock a Flickers" an affordable, but versatile, set of spinning wing move- ment that simply brings your spread to life, mimicking the movement and wing flashes of live ducks either on the water or on the field. Each one runs off three AA batteries (not supplied), lasting up to 30 hours non-stop. The great thing about these little beauties is that they come pre-programmed with random ON/OFF timings, so it's not a consistent ongoing flash that doesn't look tifelike. I spent the tail end of last season testing these out in the field... was satisfied! Where they come in well, I found, was when hunting in tight areas or in trees where you have a cluster of decoys or some branches hanging over the water Have these snuck in against the decoys or up under the trees, all packed in fairly close together. From a distance, walking back and looking at them in among the decoys, I thought they truly brought the spread to life. I personally think they are the perfect medium... not too big and too flashy so that you're going to flare ducks later in the season. Give them a shot. And if you're into pigeon hunting in the off-season, then these are a deadly addition. Happy hunting! PAGE 799.99 52 HAYDEL'S NEW ZEALAND PARADISE CALL ANDY TANNOCK Haydel's PDO3 Paradise is New Zealand's favourite in a family of great bird calls. Grabbing the attention of passing Paradise ducks starts by giving them the high-pitched hail call This'U turn their heads enough and they'll spot your decoys. The action from this point can be fast and furious, as nothing drops from a greater height and at such terminal velocity as a wiffling parrie, apart that is, from a flock of wiffting parries. (Wiffting is when they flick onto their side in flight to drop like a stone, then apply the brakes in a crazy erratic series of swerves.) When in closer, give them the greeting call which is a softer moan followed by an excited series of shorter clucks, and then get ready. Unlike Mallards, parries will generally come right in on the first approach. The PDO3, at just $49.99, should be on the lanyard of every Kiwi duck hunter Internationally, the best-selling Haydel's call of all time is the little DR85 Mallard"Deceiver". which is an industry icon with over 1 million sold on the American market Another innovative Haydel's call is VTM-90, Variable Tone Mallard. Just like a flute, this call has a "tune" hole enabling the hunter to sound like different ducks by simply using a finger to block or release variable amounts of air. At $59.99, the VTM-90 is like getting two calls for the price of one. Hunt quail? Haydel's Valley Quail call will help you locate Cali quail saving time once they answer as you can then target cover you know they're hiding up in. Check these and others in the Haydel's range instore this season GO TO FROM 49 57 99 PAGE 76 ing Terms &F see page 241

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