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Hunting & Fishing mailer - 01.03.2018 - 31.08.2018 - Sales products - jar, plastic tub, cleaner, brush, paint, masking tape, painting kit. Page 59.
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Painting an apartment is not pleasant, but occasionally it must be done. The basis is the choice of colour, shade and means of application. What to choose?

We paint the walls and ceilings of our apartments and houses not only for aesthetic but also for practical reasons. Choosing paint is very important to make us feel good at home and at the same time protect the walls from dust that can cause unpleasant allergies. You must look at the numbers when choosing. The lower the digit in the category, the better the colour properties. Acrylic types have a high opacity, while classic paints are very resistant to drought. However, you will also find special variants on the market that are washable and are great for households with small children or pets, because you can wash the wall and get rid of dirt without having to paint the whole room.

FLOCH-IT FLOCH-IT YOURSELF TEST FLOCKING' IS DEFINED AS THE APPLICATION OF MILLIONS OF TINY FIBERS ONTO AN ADHESIVE COATED SURFACE. HERE ARE A FEW POINTERS FOR THOSE HEEN TO GET INTO THIS AS PRE-SEASON PROJECT By Andy Tannock * Preparation. Water blast then rough up the decoy with a wire brush. This ensures a cleaner surface better able to hold the glue/ paint and subsequently fibers will adhere better If masking between colours, ensure you brush the glue/paint away from the masking tape . Apply Flock-ltimmediately you have glued or painted the surface. Many experienced flockers' recommend paint as a good option with which to stick the Flock-it material on as you may find glue shines through too much when its dry. Any matt finish paint will work,oil or water based. Etching primer works well A good tip is to use a paint that is a similar colour to the fibers you are flocking as it is less likely to show any wear spots later However if you prefer your finish to be a different colour shade to that of the flocking fiber choose a base paint to lighten or darken. e Painting and flocking each decoy twice gives a better finish and is ith quality Avery GHG floating mallard decoys available ina fully flocked option this season, the spotlight has certainly gone onto the merits of hunting over flocked decoys. Enthusiasts are adamant the flocked surface more closely represents the natural texture and reflectiveness of duck or goose plumage. They say ducks finish better,by that they mean ducks have to get much closer to the decoy before they realise what it is. For hunters who subscribe to this belief but already have an awesome set of painted decoys, the problem can be solved if you're a 'do it yourselfer. Before you embark on a major decoy do-up however, please appreciate that flocked decoys require a much greater level of care. Ifyou run and gun, toting your decs in conventional sack bags, they are going to bump and rub, meaning you are soon going to have wear patches in flocked decoys. Once they get to this stage, blotchy flocked decoys will spook educated ducks and be way less effective than standard painted decoys. If you're hard on your gear, we suggest that flocked decoys may not be for you!. Still interested? We are pleased to advise Hunting&Fishing New Zealand stores can now offer Flock-lt fibers for both duck and goose decoy flocking. The source has been the USA's principle supplier of flocking material for the craft market for over 65 years. Flock-lt produce fibers in colours specifically for duck and goose decoys. The fibre used is Suede Tex Nylon (spray on),chosen as it is petroleum based making it more weather resistant and colour fast for outdoors use. Being nylon, it won't absorb water either. Flocking' is defined as the application of millions of tiny fibers onto an adhesive coated surface. Here are a few pointers for those keen to get into this as a pre-season project. Applying the Flock-it fibers with an electrostatic flocking applicator gives the best results . Shaking the Flock-It in a jar for a minute to create a static charge and then applying through a kitchen sieve is a cheaper way to do it but not as good. Paint and flock the decoys one colour at a time and let them dry before shaking off the excess Flock-It fibers and starting another colour . Apply Flock-It over a deep plastic tub so its easy to collect the excess flocking and reuse it . Air brushing (paint) on for extra feather detail and merging some of the ines between the different Flock-It colours will give a more realistic finish . Care and Transportation. Each decoy needs to be put in a plastic bag and then placed in a 12 or 6 slot decoy bag when transporting to protect Taking each decoy out of its plastic bag when you return home from a hunt and leaving it to dry after use will extend the life of the flocked finish Flock-It comes in two bag size options in a range of colours specifically for mallards and Canada's, for details check the advert opposite THE FLOCHING PROCESS... f59 Shop Find us on facebook

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