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Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - 01.03.2018 - 31.08.2018 - page 6 - NO LONGER VALID

Hunting & Fishing Catalogue - 01.03.2018 - 31.08.2018 - page 6 - NO LONGER VALID

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Hunting & Fishing mailer - 01.03.2018 - 31.08.2018 - Sales products - grits, Beats, Hunter. Page 6.
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A VERY GOOD CALL Michael Griffin talks to Hunter Morrow Hunter ucks are naturally gregarious creatures. They flock together in mobs of varying sizes, and chatter atlength. Most ducks will circle before committing, they even do this when real ducks are calling That's why a key factor in successful duck hunting is thethem in so you'll be more successful when you master the timing and notes to use when they have slid past the decs. "Of course for a comeback call you can that comes when you call mallards in and fool them into use that same sequence of quacks described above, but drag it out, then speed ability to talk back...and nothing beats the satisfaction it up" Hunter adds. believing they're being welcomed by real ducks. A fine spread of decoys, properly placed, will go a long way toward attracting their attention, but it's the calls which you, the hunter, make that play just as big a part of a successful hunt, according to Otago wildfowler and New Zealand duck-calling champion Hunter Morrow. Hunter, who most and used at the right time... it's deadly! "Using the feed call properly is recently achieved second place in the Open Duck division and third in the Live important:ka ticka ticka ticka is what you hear when they Goose calling section at the World Championships in the United States says are high overhead flying by and communicating with each other. It is not a feed good calling will make all the difference. The calls that hang off your neck while out hunting are among the most cluckused with more power and pop. It is a lot harder to learn so it's going to important tools of the trade and, more than less, the key to success,"he says. ake a while to become proficient. Go and feed the ducks at your local park "Operating those calls is an art, it isn't something that can just be picked up andyoll understand the sounds I mean. If there's nobody around you can straight away so practice, practice, practice is something lencourage strongly" even practise them there and then". Hunter says to be a successful caller in the field wildfowlers don't need to have a huge arsenal of different notes. "I believe if you have a few main istening to wild ducks is what will make you a better, more successful, caller notes but focus more on air control power and clarity you'll be surprised how affective you'll be. For example, I call the following a five note hen.. QUUAAAAAACCCK, QUUAAAAACCK, QUAAACck, quaacck, quack"... what you want to work on is being able to hit that note clearty but at the same timbook The Complete Wildfowler. To the avid waterfowler, no moment of beable to hit itwith power and volume, and also be able to drop it lower and truth can match the instant when a flock first responds to hiscaแ and decoys, quieter while keeping the same amount of air control and clarity.Then,right the time when this wild, free bird of unsurpassed grace begins a descent from there,you have projected the illusion of two different ducks.. Now, a lot of people will tell you the feed call is a waste of time in the field, but the number of times I have seen ducks near snap their necksto turn around and get down into the decoys when the feed has been used properly call. Tick Tick ticktick kuh kuh kuh kuh quaaack tick tick is a feed call/ground Consistency, patience,hours of practice and even observing and in the field,"says Hunter. The satisfaction gained from successful calling was perhaps best summed up by internationally known American sportsman, author, photographer and television personality the late Grits Gresham in his the sky down to gun range. It is a stirring spectacle,"he wrote. non-TyPICAL ETI ENCH WADE DWNING IV CADI 6 Trading Terms& Finance Options see page 241

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