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LETHAL LAYOUTS BREAH THE MOL By Geoff Irvine hen thinking about decoy spreads think about breaking the mold where all your decoys look the same. Get them looking as natural as you can because gone are the days when ducks were under no pressure and you could get away with decoys which all had the same head spot for incorming ducks to land by leaving it open. Place your decoys at kill hole'is and as the name suggests it will be the area where you expect shoot most of your ducks or geese. Make that area the most inviting positions and this was usually upright heads, the position ducks assume say 30 metres to your right and left when they are nervous. These days just hope the enemy (the shooters nearby) have these old school decoy layouts because given the choice ducks that check out both spreads are going to head to the more realistic one. To learn how to best set up, head to your spot pre-season and watch ducks and geese in the wild and replicate the stance, postures and attitudes as much as you can. If you can remain undetected while s things out you'll be surprised how relaxed the entire flock will be. There will be very few alert, but make a move and they'lu all stick their heads up, swim out from the bank, then beat a hasty farewell! In my experience you're best to have a lower number of high quality birds, than a large number of old and broken decoys. Your layout's only as good as your worst decoy When choosing decoys think of as much variety as you can obtain to get that natural look, sleepers, resters, preeners, feeders and the like. We recommend some full bodies in the mix, setting these out in the shallows or on the bank as then you'll be saying to the ducks come down here everything is safe. Waterfowl tend to hug the edges where the food and shelter is only when they feel safe. Ilike to cover my bases by having decoys from 30 metres out to right back up on the Then simply fill the gaps around the edges etc between the two 30m points. When placing decoys try and think of clumps of birds or family groups with 4-5 in a bunch with small gaps between them so as to portray a relaxed scene. Avoid having decoys evenly spaced apart resembling soldiers as it looks unnatural. This is a small detail but mixing things up will make a huge difference to the look of your decoy spread.I suggest you place your surface feeders and butt-up decoys around th edges of the kill hole area so as to imitate a contented flock with no al or aggressive ducks close by to make the in-comers nervous. Don't be afraid to keep over half your spread close to or on the bank (futl bodies), as said, ducks love edges where they can dabble for food or find a place to sleep and also access the overlooked necessity of grit. This said, don't load the shore area so heavily with decoys in front of the blind that you are pushing the Landing zone out beyond comfortable shooting range. Lastly, keep species separate from each other with good gaps in banks ...hink of as much variety as you can obtain to get that natural look..." Once you've invested in a variety of quality decoys it's time for the fun part,setting them out The golden rule for all waterfow is that they will land into the wind. Ilike to have the wind at my backo there abouts as this way they are coming towards me or quartering in across me.In my opinion it's better to work out the direction where you're best to be shooting towards, then setting out your duck blind or layout blinds facing the preferred landing zone before you place your decoys. Thave seen guys set a nice decoy spread but have nowhere close to put their blinds or to hide themselves property within shooting range. Work out where yourdesired

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