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Painting an apartment is not pleasant, but occasionally it must be done. The basis is the choice of colour, shade and means of application. What to choose?

We paint the walls and ceilings of our apartments and houses not only for aesthetic but also for practical reasons. Choosing paint is very important to make us feel good at home and at the same time protect the walls from dust that can cause unpleasant allergies. You must look at the numbers when choosing. The lower the digit in the category, the better the colour properties. Acrylic types have a high opacity, while classic paints are very resistant to drought. However, you will also find special variants on the market that are washable and are great for households with small children or pets, because you can wash the wall and get rid of dirt without having to paint the whole room.

AVIAN X ADD 'LATE SEASON MALLARDS TO THE SELECTION TEST FIRED By Andy Tannock hese are the decoy postures many serious hunters have been waiting for. "At Rest", "Snuggle Head", "Hunkered Down" Chilled Out"- names like these would more accurately the "Rester/Preeners", a pack Last season's sellout was featuring decoys that had such amazing detail you'd be forgiven describe the look and attitude of Avian X's new mallard floaters, but because they're realistic enough to still fool the most educated mallard right to the end of the season, AvianXhave opted for wanting to display them on your to name this the "Late Season" pack Ducks in New Zealand feed and are very active at night and therefore can be tuckered out by the time they return to a safe place to rest up during couldn't get enough of as these decoys closely resemble the mallard/ the day. One ofthe golden rules ofduck hurtingisto be where the ducks grey hybridized colouration of many New Zealand ducks. OtherAvianx want to be". It follows that the decoy layout must imitate the scene you've favorites include "Hen Only" packs, regular "Open Water"(swimming) observed when you've scouted out and set up on the spot where the "ducks packs and "Back Water" (surface feeding) packs want to be". In other words, your decoys need to be replicating visually not just the location, but also the mood and behaviour the returning mallards dcoys are favoured by some hunters as they have a matt, very natural would normally see there. Watch any duck camp or refuge area with your binoculars during the day and sure you'l observe some active ducks, plus the odd one preening everybody. The flocking will wear off through normal run and gun usage, or going through some kind of pairing ritual, but once they have settled into their daytime routine, the majority of mallards will be floating lazily. into plastic bagfter a hunt, and transporting them carefully in individual catching some zzz's, relaxed, safe andminding their own business. We've pocket style decoy bags, then stick to painted decoys. There is no doubt that needed a set of decoys that portrays this mood, and now we've not only got it, but it's the same stunning quality and size as all the other Avian X mallards, meaning it's an instant complement to the family of decoys you already own. For the record, the "Late Season six-pack comprises 2x low head drakes, 2x low head hens and 2x rester drakes. Avian Xdecoys might bea little more expensive, but the payback is in the detail and in the longevity. All Avian X decoys are manufactured using top quality virgin plastic that has superior paint adhesion. This plastic is flexible enough to absorb major impacts and will minimise the friction between decoys when they are bagged up and bumping around while in transit, etc. The detail and paintwork is the industry leader and the weight-forward keel design ensures a lifelike swimmingaction. Educated mallards can spot the falseness when all the decoys look the same, therefore the proven decoy options Avian X have introduced over past seasons enable the hunter who pays attention to detail, to add the necessary variety to the spread mantlepiece. Previous to that it was the "Early Season" pack that hunters here Also in the range are the Fully Flocked Black Duck floaters. Flocked looking featherlike surface that minimises reflection.A word of warning about fully flocked decoys however, is that they are not suitable for so if you are not prepared to take extra care such as packing flocked decoys even after several seasons use, Avian X's painted decoys still look great which can be in contrast to their fully flocked counterparts that'lget patchy bald spots if they don't get the"cotton wool" decoys paid off on this Late season mallards can e very wary, The weekend hunt in Canterbury last July. Rüby. my use only y enjoyed the result. 42

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