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PREPARE TO EAT WELL By Stephen Spargo Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, Taupo s hunters we forget most Kiwis have little choice about where they get their meat from, and in reality they don't see more than the plastic tray representing the extent of the pre-cooking meat preparation their meat has been through. I take pride in the fact the larger percentage of the meat Iwounds, is underweight, and when you cut open the animal the gut consume is wild, free range, organic and provided by me (the caveman inme infected and/or shows signs of disease) you may decide not to continue or seek the guidance of an experienced hunter. "If in doubt, throw it out!" A successful hunt is a moment to savour. Yes, take the time to get a few through a number of checks to make sure it is fit for human consumptionquality photos to honour the kill; good photos go a long way in preserving memories, but don't waste any time doing it. Getting the temperature of the animal down fast is the key to avoiding bacterial contamination. Open up the days on the back of the ute in summer is a good idea. I exaggerate, but after pelvis after gutting out and be mindful of warmer weather slowing down the all the blood sweat and tears that goes into securing a deer,it's a tragedy cong process. If you are not packing it out there and then, be sure to hang it in the shade, using sticks to open the chest cavity to assist cooling. And presentented to the table. As hunters we also have to become our own meat that's where a fly proof meat bag is an essential. Easy to carry and designed inspectors. According to the Ministry for Primaryin dustries there are two exactly for the job with hanging tabs, Zip entry etc. Once out, in order to food safety risks hunters face from wild game and game birds. The firstallow the meat to 'set' properly I like to hang my game in the chiller for upwards of a week (andi am lucky enough to have a great butcher who lets - medo this, thanksTerry). Ifthis is not possible, besure to keep temperatures low when ageing your meat. Another trick is to bone it and let it age in the fridge, Set meat is more tender and juicy to eat. One last tip, vacuum pack the cuts, Airis the enemy when storing most food and vacuum packing is so proud right now). When people buy meat from a supermarket or butcher, it has gone Hunters need to be thinking along similarlines rather than just assuming that every animal in the forest is safe to eat, let alone thinking that three if poor care and handling impairs the quality of the meat subsequently risk is bacterial contamination, which is usually the result of External wounds or sores on the animal; Cross contamination during field dressing, especially if the gut is punctured Incorrect handting after dressing eliminates most of this second risk is chemical contamination. This may be caused by - Then t stime to prepare, cook and provide food for the people close to The animal eating poison baits used to control possums and other vermin you knowing that the meat you have served is not only good, but is also Wild pigs scavenging on poisoned poison baits Exposing the carcass to chemicals or poisons, e.g, transporting the carcass home in a vehicle that is also used to carry fuel, contaminated blood or weed-killer.(Worth thinking about this one!) ,雁 animals that have eaten Getting the temperature of fyouget the oppoctuinity to observe the animal before you take a shot watch and see if it is showing any signs of sickness or injury. This can be the t step to help you to determine whether the meat is safe or not After shooting an animalilook to check that it is healthy inside and out the animal down fast is the key to avoiding bacterial contamination seemünusually skinny or the animal isfirt cut open,are there anysig or organs? UJSe iournose doesitsmel'unusually bad? Ifthearm overall e g. hes several open and looks to be Stephen Spargo f 10:3

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