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INNOVATION VAC N SEAL STEPHEN SPARGO TAUPO STORE Deer hunting for me (and like many others) is not just about shooting. Any hunt involves a fair bit of preparation andIam proud that our camp site is well known for its food. Last time I went out I made sure that lan (Hunting Mate)and I had all our food pre- packaged using an Innovation Vac& Seal, not only to ensure that hygiene was kept to a highstandard but to pre-prepare and, in some cases, pre-cook many of the meals had planned for the weekend. l used the Innovation Vac&Seal to pack everything from marinated venison steak (yes I shot thata couple of weeks eartier) to pre-mixed uncooked omelettes ready to go on the Cooker. I also found it very useful to vacuum pack dry ingredients as they stay fresh and do not get moisture in them while in the chilly bin. We even vacuum packed a couple of electronic devices that we did not want to get wet over the weekend. Like most good hunters I do not want the food I gather to go off or, more importantly, uneaten. Vacuum sealing with air-tight bags enables you to store and preserve food in an airless environment. Air-tight bags can be cut to any length, helping prevent the growth of micro-organisms as during vacuum packing most of the bacteria is expelled from the bag as the air is removed, providing a very safe and hygienic method of storage. Vacuum packed food also has a minimal risk of cross-contamination, making this a great way to store poultry in the fridge or freezer. If you are like me (all going well) you will end up with more meat that you can consume or give away, so you end up freezing it. When foods are frozen without a vacuum seal freezer burn will occur over time. It is caused when the surface of the food is dehydrated so you end up with a dried and leathery appearance, along with compromising the flavour and texture of the food to be stored. Vacuum packing reduces freezer burn as it protects the food from exposure to the dry air. Make your post-hunting meat last longer and taste better with the Innovation Vac&Seal! GO TO PAGE ONLY $229.99/102 DJ'S RS-36 RED STAG CALL DAVID QUINN NORTH OTAGO STORE I'm looking forward to those cooler days and nights ahead that signal autumn, and with it that magic time of year THE ROAR! Like thousands of fellow hunters I enjoy nothing more than getting out in the bush or the big tussock ranges testing my skills in outwitting a trophy red stag. As every deer stalker knows this is a primo time to be out there amongst it. Equally they know those big reds are smart and the challenge is firstly to get them into a positon to asses, let alone setting up a shooting opportunity This roar the hunter has a new weapon, a 'bugle' call that's sure to get the stags really pumped and worked up. Manufactured by US call maker DJ Calls the RS-36 Stag Call came about as a result of DJ's being contacted by hunters asking them to turn their expertise to develop a good well-made Red Stag call (bugle). David Jackson (DJ) experimented with varied sizes and lengths of tubing finally coming up with the optimum for the sound the hunters wanted. To ensure consistency and accuracy David made a sandingjig and cut the correct contour for sanding the reed base so each one has the correct sound needed for the guttural tones of the rutting red stag. The aromatic cedar reed base and wedge helps wick moisture, and the Mylar reed will hold up to produce the roar when needed, whatever the weather. The tube is 22" of flexible pipe making it light and easy to carry through bush, or to pack away while not in use. DJ's advise the RS-36 Stag Call has taken off in the States, as well as the UK Europe, and now other parts of the world. I found it sent out a deep raspy moan that will definitely challenge any stags in the area. It will be great for the novice through to the serious hunter. Get ready for the tingting as the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when that big stag challenges your call GO TO PAGE 89.99 146 101

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