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When is Valentine's Day? It is celebrated on February 14 in many parts of the world. It is mainly a commercial celebration of romance and romantic love, and is associated with flowers, the heart symbol, and doves. Modern Valentine's Day traditions began to take form in England in the 1700s and gradually spread around the western world. The most common customs are writing Valentines messages, and giving Valentines cards, flowers, and confectionary. And, of course in this modern age, Valentine's Day memes are very popular.

Valentine's Day in New Zealand

Valentine's Day in New Zealand is in late summer, which is a great time for romantic Valentines holidays. Popular Valentines Day gifts are chocolates and other sweets, roses and other flowers, and greenstone and other jewellery. If you have the time, a handmade card or gift is more meaningful, and you can even write romantic Valentines Day quotes or snippets of poetry and draw or print Valentines Day images on them.

The most common Valentines activity in New Zealand is a romantic dinner, either at a fancy restaurant or on the beach at sunset, often followed by a Valentines movie.

Finding the perfect Valentines gift for your special someone can be very difficult, but you can find some great ideas by looking in catalogues for Valentines Day ideas for him and Valentines Day ideas for her. Several jewellery and chocolatier shops have Valentines Day sales. New World has the most famous sales and promotions. Bargains can also be found at Countdown, The Warehouse and Ezibuy.

Like any other holiday or event, Valentines Day is a good time for shopping. Many shops and chain stores run sales and distribute leaflets, flyers, and catalogues. Visit to see a wide range of leaflets that will help you find the best deals, stay within your budget, and have a very happy Valentines Day.

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