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post-holiday BY NEIL MICKLEWOOD CONSULTANT CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST ebruary can come with a return to the hamster wheel of work, family, and social commitments. but for others, they can feelkeCHUNK THE DULL STUFF a cog in the machine Are you planning to just whack out the dreaded tasks because at Some things in life are just never going to be nice, no matter how much glitter you dust them in! If you really don't like something and it gets you down, own it. If you can do something about it, great. If you can't, that's okay too. At least you know that you might need to offset one challenge in your life by doing something differently in another part of your life Here are a few tips to help with planning your year to make your transition back to normality more manageable, and start the year with least they will be over and done with? Remember, there will always be something else on the list after you have got this task done Also, if you take on more than you can realistically handle, you are very likely to push yourself into avoidance. Rather, pace yourself, particularly with bigger tasks, and add micro-breaks and rewards, commitments, and factor these into which lead to larger breaks and the plan. Alongside this, plan in theewards as things get done purpose and meaning BE REAL AND ACCEPTING Set aside a little time to plan your year. Be honest with yourself about your responsibilities and If any of this is feeling tricky, do seek support. There are some great tools around goal setting (see page 17), as well as helpful tips from psychologists. Health stores and nutritionists are also thingplan Alohs andVec ings you would like to do that are more stimulating and exciting for you. PLOT YOUR PROGRESS AND REWARD YOURSELF FIND BALANCE good sources of advice for physical health-related matters. Why shouldn't you be rewarded Plan the small fun things and the big fun things. You may be likely for getting things done? Sitting i front of that computer for an hour took effort, so acknowledge the Lastly, just remember that you're the most awesome version of you in this moment, without even having to try ay leave (and don't forget to if you haven't), but have you planned your hevement and reward it. down time in the evenings and over Make yourself that cup of tea, or weekends? Does that down-time include "you time" alongside time What's our reward for completing with others? Don't forget about loving your body - plan for exercise more productive when we are and regular meals- as well as mind, chasing carrots, rather than running spirit and relationships. stand in the sunshine for a moment.................................. Neil Micklewood is a licensed consultant clinical psychologist with 10 years a day's work? We are happier and FEBRUARY 2018 HEALTH 2OOO

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