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BY SHARLENE RONAYNE NATUROPATH Summer is here, the sun is out, and the days are longer. Even in this fun season when you're out and about more, it's important to support your essential needs of health. Look out for Good Health Red Naturally rich in astaxanthin, krill oil provides potent antioxidant support for skin protection, eye health, and overall energy and wellbeing. Astaxanthin has shown to be 300 times stronger than vitamins E and A, as it helps protect cell membranes from free radical Super Kril, available in a 1000 milligram-dose capsule. Red Super Krill oil has no fishy aftertaste. This is because the omega 3 phospholipids are water and fat soluble, meaning they don't hang around in your stomach for a long time - instead, they absorb quickly. If you find you are prone to fishy burps, reflux or nausea, Krill oil can help set the foundation for maintenance of general wellbeing during the sunny weather. Krill oil provides naturally-occurring phospholipids, a class of fats that are a major part of all cells in your body that support optimum function, both inside and out environmental exposure, which is important when you are exposed to the elements more than usual att time of the year HORMONAL HEALTH POTENT AND WELL-ABSORBED The good fat phospholipids in krill oil can help to support hormonal health. They form a stable, structural backbone in This type of omega 3 fat absorbs easily due to its phospholipid form This means that the fats go directly through your cell walls in your body and are therefore better utilised the manufacturing process of hormones, therefore potentially easing the unpleasant symptoms that many women experience in their monthly cycle like mood changes, discomfort, and lowered goodhealth Krill oil has also shown to be nine times stronger than standard fish oil. It is therefore both convenient Red Super karl and cost effective, so if you are looking for a suitable omega upplement to try this summer now is the time energy XT HEART AND BRAIN HEALT (40%) The active constituents, EPA and DHA, are building blocks that support heart health, circulation and mental function, and are a great source of brain food BUY THE 120s AND GET $5 OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE is 40s NOW 80s NOW 120s NOW $3590 $6390 $8790 ca was $44.90 was $79.90 was $109.90 HEALTH 2000 FEBRUARY 2018 Always read the label and take as directed If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Brandfolio Límited, Auckland

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