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LETS QUESTION er DIGESTIVE ENZYMES HOT PRICE PROVIDING DIGESTIVE ENZYMES CH BREAKDOWN (DIGESTD ROTEINS, CARBOHYDRATES STARCHES ANDFATS 100s NOW SUGAR AND SALT FREE 100 TABLETS FOOD SUUPPLEMENT was $36.60 Summer is all about barbeques, valuable nutrients that are locked road trips, and backyard parties aay in the foods you eat. You eat, drink and play! Summer is about feeling alive but what Due to a lack of nutrien if you don't? Many people actually don't feel that great when eating in summer, or at anytime for that matter. Because proteins release amino acids, and amino acids are the building blocks of body tissue like muscles, hormones and to manufacture these enzymes, your body can struggle to do its iob effectively. It really can be a vicious cycle: low nutrients from your diet can lead to low enzyme production which equates to low nutrient release from food. It's during these periods that your body can use a little help neurotransmitters, supporting the proper breakdown of protein is like an investment into your future What better time to start that kind of health investment than during the Hidden food intolerances, poor food mixing, or bad digestion can ruin the experience of eating, and cause discomfort long after meal times. This can eventually lead to malnutrition of your body and of course, the illnesses associated with it. beginning months of the year? If fats aren't being broken down (headaches after meals can be an indicator of this), or you don't have a gallbladder anymore, a digestive enzyme with bile may be in order. Digestion is the gateway to health Everything you consume either helps to build you, or (in the case of poor digestion) can help to tear digestive enanes. h0u un enented o rele vith bhe Solgar Digestive Enaymesis a Solgar Digestive Enzymes is a complete enzyme product that contains bile and betanine HCI, as digestive enzymes. They support your body's natural ability to digest and metabolise food that you are sensitive to, or aren't breaking down effectively. Enzymes are specialised protein structures within your body which help stimulate the chemical reactions needed for proper function. Without them, you wouldn't be able to release the easily supplemented to help with the efficient breakdown of your food In cases where low stomach acid is ell as a specific probiotic strain to suspected, as in the case of protein reintroduce efficient carbohydrate digestive issues, look for an enzyme breakdown and return your body product that contains betaine HCI (hydrochloric acid). Betaine HCI gives your body extra support for the breakdown of proteins back to a natural state of digestion Solgar Digestive Enzymes are designed to support your health all year 'round. Happy eating! 13 Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Solgar NZ Limited, Auckland. FEBRUARY 2018 HEALTH 20OO

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