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when others aren't By DR CARL BAMLET 5 I: f you are going to a restaurant, eating at a coworker's house, or even having a BBQ, it can sometimes be challenging to find a healthy option 3. not do is to have To know and Willpower The last and most important part of eating right is your willpower. You are strong enough to eat right, never known It's typical to know the food is bacd for you but eat it anyway! It's as if this justifies it as being alright to consume. The saying, "To knovw and not do is to have never and you deserve to feel health y. Let's face it: the unhealthy options can oftentimes be too tempting especially when you are in a weakened state of mind So, how do you stay strong and not pay the price of cheating on your health goals when you are out for an occasion? so keep this in mind when the wrong foods are tempting known," means that any rational Dr Carl Bamlet is person who knows something IS a chiropractor and nutrition specialist who focuses on diet and lifestyle interventions as a solution for the health bad for them will avoid it. So, you are either acting irrationally, or you don't yet know the fact to be true Instead, educate yourself on why Fail to plan, plan to fail the particular food is bad for you concerns of patients When you are aware of an event or gathering that may disrupt your dietary requirements, there are several ways to plan to succeed. If the location is out of your control or they do not have healthy options available, asking for a salad without croutons or cheese, and olive oil or You have probably heard the 80:20 rule where you eat the right foods 80 percent of the time, and 20 percent can be cheat meals. That means one er: feel apple cider vinegar dressing on the side, is typically a safe choice. astly, eat before you go, so if there is not anything suitable to eat, out of every five meals you can cheat on your diet, which equals one cheat meal every two days or more! Instead, try the 95:5 rule Eat right 95 percent, and alowa cheat meal five percent of the time 2. ll start tomorrowor one meal a week. However, the cheat may not be what you are thinking. If you are gluten sensitive or celiac, lactose or dairy intolerant, you are likely to react quite strongly to these foods so the cheat part for you may be having a sweet dessert or a Do not use this thought process because tomorrow never comes If every time you plan to start your dietary regimen you delay it simply because of some occasion, you wil never start, because there is always something to celebrate. Avoid this thought trap and start today! calorie-dense curry JANUARY 2018 HEALTH 20oo

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