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Advice from an expert: Let's keep "CoQ10 is so important for maintaining a strong and healthy heart! Health 2000, Natural Health Specialist How could CoQIO help you? Without enough CoQ10, your heart and whole body can suffer You may have low energy, physical and mental fatigue, depressed immune or cardiovascular functions, or a variety of other health problems. More studies are coming out which show that cardiovascular disease Your heart is an amazing organ! It pumps blood to every part o your body to give you oxygen and nutrients, and carry away waste If your heart doesn't work efficiently, the rest of your body will suffer. Cardiovascular support Healthy energy levels Aid your training regime Gum health To function properly, your heart needs to get and maintain a sufficient CoQ10 deficiency supply of coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is naturally produced Doctors and natural health by your body to give energy to your practitioners know the significant mitochondria the powerhouses of benefits of regularly taking a CoQ10 your cells. This keeps your heart and other organs healthy and functioning well. may be associated with a Healthy muscles. supplement, with many doctors now recommending it to their patients. Adding high-quality CoQ10 can play a major role in making sure your body has the energy it needs to maintain a strong, healthy heart. From the age of 30 (or sometimes younger), your natural production of CoQ10 starts to decline. By age 50 depletion continues to accelerate, ighthouse CoQ10 350mg so by age 80, your CoQ10 levels can be lower than they were at birth. Taking cholesterol-lowering medication statins or some other system and blood pressure. It's an drugs, or having an unhealthy lifestyle, excellent supplement if you take can also deplete your body's CoQ10 levels is a naturally-fermented high-dose, daily supplement. It supports a healthy cardiovascular cholesterol-lowering medication Vitamin D3 is added to support strong bones, a robust immune system, and a healthy mood. Your ra HEART CoQlO your lite, but prodvction drops CoaIO 50mg with Vitamin D3 EARN UP TO 52 POINTS! 30s NOW60s NOW 0 SOFT GEL CAPSULES $2990 $51%0 was $3790was $64.90 Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Lighthouse Health Distributors Hamilton EALTH 000JANUARY 2018

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