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Your immune- helps to naturally support your six-pack for cellular level to strengthen your immune response. It contains strong antiseptic properties that help keep your bodys natural defences strong against invaders. BUY 2 & SAVE By JANEEN HOWARD Summer is here! With summer fun comes plenty of late nights, alcohol and rich food, all of which can weaken your immune system and leave you susceptible to ills and chills. Feeling unwell during summer can be such a letdown! is a pungent herb and one of nature's best antiseptics Garlic is packed with nutrients and compounds that have strong immune- supporting properties, helping to provide a powerful punch to your body's defenses. Garlic also help to soothe sinuses and clear EARN UP TO GD 50 LOYALTY This is the time when you should be hitting the beach, socialising with friends, going to pool parties, and enjoying the fresh air while walking or bike riding not staying in bed feeling yucky. GO VIR-DEFENCE High Potency Olive Leaf with Plus 50 BUY 2 FOR has been used for So, you need to make sure you carn continue to enjoy the happiness of sunshine, and this means keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. ecovery and is especially hundreds of years for its immune benefits. This herk effective in supporting upper respiratory tract health. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are key to building your immune defences, and combined with the support of six key herbs vitamins and minerals, your immune system can be given a helping hand to stay healthy GO Healthy GO Vir-Defence is an easy-to-take, one-a-day, one-stop product to arm your body with natural ingredients to defend against lurgies. builds immunity and strengthens your immune defences. It also supports your body's natural response to allergens, helping to ease tender nasal passages The powerhouse supplement to help supercharge your immunity naturally, GO Vir-Defence contains echinacea, garlic, olive leaf, zinc, vitamin C, elderberry and more. All ingredients are supplied at optimum strengths to support a strong immune system acea continues to be an Linc immune superstar This popular herb is wel studied and renowned worldwide as a works with vitamin C to boost your immune health and support your valuable aid for your immune system, helping to offer natural protection against ills and chills, and providing your immune system with some TLC allergen response. 13 Always read the label and take as directed. If sympt

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