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THE NATURAL INGREDIENT that drug companies don't want you to know about BY ROBERT CORISH, MD In the last few years, you may have heard about the golden spice called "turmeric." Turmeric's health benefits have been Indeed, curcumin has attracted recognised and acclaimed for centuries. However, it is only within the past decade that turmeric has been seriously studied by modern science in order to understand its structure, safety, and mechanisms of action, and to validate any health outcomes. There areliterally thousands of articles, and over 120 clinical trials, about turmeric and about its most bioactive ingredient, curcumin. enormous attention from researchers an interaction within the body. The truth is that many drug companies are racing to find a derivative or synthetic version of curcumin in order to claim a patent and cash in on its power. They really don't want people to know too much about curcumin's impressive properties and spoil their investment. [TOP SECRET] CURCUMIN'S BENEFITS CURCUMIN IN MEDICAL PRACTICE Hence, this poses the question: Curcumin has been shown to suppress activation NF-kB, which regulates pro-inflammatory gene products. Curcumin's antioxidant capacity is also well documented, and it has been shown to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a critical curcumin to their patients? The reason is most likely because physicians rely on medical studies and outcome data in order to make decisions on whether a drug or therapy is likely to be successful in treating patients. This is why drug companies spend billions of dollars to develop and prove that a drug works. It makes sense RESEARCH AND STUDIES functioning and brain plasticity. In 2017, the British Journal of Medicine published how curcumin was not only able to prevent B amyloid helped to stabilise a blood cancer plaque accumulation in the brain myeloma - openly acknowledging Alzheimers), but it also helped to break curcumin as an effective adjunct to it up. Curcumin has also exhibited conventional treatment. Furthermore, in animal studies, curcumin Unfortunately, the natural products industry doesn't have such deep pockets to fund numerous, anti-tumor properties in animal models, and these are now being prove the effectiveness or therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients. In January of this year, "Stem cell research and therapy' showed that curcumin improved full thickness n summary, curcumin exerts Furthermore, the natural products multiple beneficial actions within the body and is currently involved in many clinical studies. ing. iS eimers disease The Journal of disease published in February stated that However, you don't have to wait for curcumin prevented accumulation more research to prove its worth of the neurotoxic beta amyloid plaque and protected the brain's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroplasticity, citing its potential than a definitive cure, whereas pharmaceuticals are specifically -you can benefit from curcumin's However, physicians are finally including non-pharmaceutical preventative properties today. Don't wait until it becomes a prescription! crucial role of nutrition and targeted nutraceuticals such as probiotics, vitamin D and CoQ10 as legitimate tools within selective treatments. There are also many other remarkable ......_.. reports of curcumin's potential health benefits. Science hasn't discovered all of the mechanisms by which curcumin unctions, but we do know that its influence over key metabolic pathways such as inflammation makes curcumin In truth, curcumin has been overlooked far too long, and its pleotropic (having multiple effects) can no longer be ignored by the medical establishment. He is an author and that an effective and powerful ingredient. See know-about for the research references to this article. MARCH 2018 HEALTH 200O

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