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TAKE A CHILL PI BY GLEN CURD, RESEARCHER AND LECTURER So, you made it through the hectic festive season and mad summer holidays. Do you now find yourself back to routine with the forecastfor An increase in cortisol production can give rise to a myriad of changing Whatever level of stress you have, it pays to put a thoughtful stress management plan in place. A good place to start is focusing on a few simple things. stress still high on the horizon? Stress can fall into the category of mild, symptoms that range from mild to moderate or severe. Any form of stress severe, including causes a loss of vitamin B6 in your body, while also increasing a variety of hormones - cortisol in paticular. .A racing heart beat EXERCISE Temperature swings Panic attacks Difficulty sleeping Kidney imbalance Get up from your desk every half hour and walk around the office, or go outside and walk around the garden at home Poor digestion A nervous disposition BREATHE Help offset stress build-up with a few deep, controlled breaths for one minute every hour. 20% Hormonal issues Adrenal exhaustion Weight gain .Blood pressure fluctuation HEALTHZONE MUSIC Blood sugar imbalance STRESS ZONE Listen to settling calming music on your drive to and from work . Cholesterol issues .Bowel issues .Constricted or rapid breathing Supports adrenal Where stress is present and known to be ongoing HealthZone Stress Zone can help manage and restore calm in your body. Stress Zone provides nutritional support for your adrenal glands in response to stress. It may be of particular benefit if you have poor dietary habits or low nutritional assimilation. sponse ond tess management DRENAL SUPPORT STRESS BAROMETER EARN UP TO 56 LOYALTY POINTS 100s NOW200s NOW MLD STRESS MODERATE STRESS SEVERE STRESS one tablet, three times per day two tablets three times per day one tablet, morning and night was $39.90was $69.90 Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. HealthZone Limited, Hamilton HEALTH 2000 MARCH 2018

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