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thumbnail - Gilmours mailer - 04.03.2024 - 31.03.2024 - Sales products - cake, grapefruits, guava, seafood, pizza, crushed garlic, flavoured milk, margarine, shortening, mustard, chutney, syrup, Coca-Cola, lemonade, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Pepsi, energy drink, Lipton, Fanta, ice tea, Pepsi Max, soft drink, Coca-Cola zero, 7UP, L&P, Coke, spring water, soda, water, lemon juice, carbonated soft drink, Bundaberg, hot chocolate, alcohol, liqueur, liquor, beer, ginger beer. Page 20.
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5308176 Lemon Squash 5308174 Passionfruit 5308175 Raspberry 5308173 Orange 1012828 Sugarfree 1024458 Green 1044610 Blue 5319010 Ginger & Lemon 5319015 Yuzu & Elder氀ower 5319014 Tropical Hops *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.24) *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) 189 199 150 E C E E E E C 860 ea 1033162 820 ea ea Gilmours Maple Flavoured Syrup 2L Gilmours Mango Chutney 2kg 5090617 5258578 1899 ea 1899 ea 999 920 ea ea Premium Drinking Chocolate 3kg 5299458 859 ea E RYD VE A Bundaberg Flavoured Drinks 375ml Range BUY MORE & SAVE BUY 4+ UNITS 1599 unit Single price 17.24 unit All prices exclude GST. Pricing applies to all orders placed online and purchased in-store during the promotional period. Additional range/flavours available at this price – download the full price list. Note: Range may vary in stores. ISSUE 13 • 04 March to 31 March 2024 19 Convenience ISSUE 13 • 04 March to 31 March 2024 Catering 180 C W P RI 1331612 Traditional Lemonade 1342408 Lemon Lime & Bitters 1342697 Pineapple/Coconut 1342842 Ginger Beer Diet ea* 5216144 Tropical Mango 1342695 Creaming Soda 1342766 Passionfruit 1343361 Peach *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) 1342869 Guava 18 E E 1460 ea E E E E 870 1014486 House Brand RYD VE A E E C E E C E E E C E C 1017339 Y VIEW THE RANGE ON 1017340 LO GILMOURS ONLINE C E Butchery Liquor ea 1015414 Gilmours Vanilla Essence Imitation 2L 5087428 W P RI 545 1022353 Gilmours American Mustard 2.75kg Pure NZ Spring Water 600ml 24 Pack A W P RI Gilmours Pineapple Pizza Cut in Light Syrup A10 Beverages W P RI Gilmours Crushed Pineapple in Natural Juice A10 General Merch RYD VE A Gilmours Lemon Juice 2L Seafood Just Juice 2.4L 5217171 Tropical 5217166 Orange Mango W P RI ea* LO ea 249 Gilmours Crushed Garlic in Oil 1kg RYD VE A Y 338 208 LO W P RI VE LO ea 1012188 Sprite 1012179 Coca-Cola 1012182 Fanta Orange 1012184 Lemon & Paeroa 1018470 Sprite Zero 5306535 Coke Zero Sugar RYD Y 325 *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) ea* Coca-Cola/Sprite/ L&P/Fanta 1.5L Y ea* LO 349 RYD VE A *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.24) Y *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) Fresh Up 440ml 5317476 Apple & Summer Fruits 5317475 Apple & Orange 5317477 Harvest Red Apple LO LO W P RI W P RI 1029936 ea Y Y RYD VE A LO McCoy Juice 1L 1011551 Classic Cranberry 1011546 Dark Grape 1011547 Pineapple 1011549 Tomato 1020597 Orange RYD VE A Y LO W P RI ea* V Green 500ml Can 1037228 Coca-Cola 1037225 Sprite Gilmours Crushed Garlic 5kg 4499 ea* Y RYD VE A Coca-Cola Range 420ml Bottles E E C Dilmah Iced Tea 330ml 190 C ea* C Seafood ea* *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) 1034254 W P RI 5319012 Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary 5319011 Blood Orange 5319013 Lemon 5319016 Peach 745 Y LO W P RI ea* RYD VE A LO Y 210 Pepsi/Mountain Dew/ 7 Up 250ml Cans 10 Pack Chilled & Frozen E 5301843 Raspberry Lemonade 5272325 Lemmy Lemonade 5272323 Gingerella 5272324 Cola E 5258354 General Merch Dilmah Low Sugar Tea Soda 250ml ea Chilled & Frozen V Energy Drink 250ml Can 12500 ea Butchery Remedy Sodaly Drinks 250ml RYD VE A W P RI 9900 ea Karma Drinks 250ml Cans ea Housebrand 5599 ea* Bundaberg Ginger Beer Mini Cans 200ml 6pk 5261137 7 Up 5261136 Pepsi Max 5261135 Mountain Dew Easter W P RI C 229 ea* E Beverages 215 RYD VE A Liquor 255 ea 1019888 LO *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.24) 608 Gilmours Cake Margarine 25kg 1012558 Y *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.15) RYD VE A Gilmours Pastry Gems 20kg 1012116 LO *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) ea* Gilmours Shortening Vegetable 20kg Y 1090211 Apple Mango & Passionfruit 1090208 Apple Orange & Mango 1090210 Apple & Guava 1090209 Apple & Feijoa *Sold in cases only (Case Qty.12) Essentials Nippy's Flavoured Milk 375ml 1091326 Honeycomb 1091322 Strawberry 1091324 Chocolate 1091325 Banana 1093254 Mocha 1091323 Co昀ee C Convenience Catering Phoenix Organic Juice 275ml Housebrand Lipton Ice Tea 500ml 1040350 Raspberry 1091664 Lemon 1091665 Peach House Brand GREAT VALUE EVERYDAY AT GILMOURS Easter Order via Gilmours Online Essentials Beverages

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